Meet Our Founder

Our founder Steven Bethell is the mastermind behind the collective family of businesses under BVH Holdings, including Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue. This ecosystem of connect brands deliver on his aim to build a truly circular clothing economy.

Beyond Remade the newest of Steven’s ventures delivers on closing the loop in the final part of becoming truly circular which is to remanufacture and recrate products at scale from dead stock, old products or waste materials. 

Steven Bethell has been a thought leader and pioneer in the post-consumer textile space for over 20 years and has dedicated his work life to innovating and building if not finding, relevant solutions to the crisis of waste from over consumption. Because of this he is an adviser to some of the world’s leading brands with their own circular and waste management sustainable goals and advocate for real actions to solving the landfill crisis.

Steven and his team have travelled to over 30 countries working extensively amongst the robust second-hand markets whilst as designing and developing the largest remanufacturing plant in the world, where the circular economy for textiles is brought to life.

Steven’s love for our environment stems from his home life in the Canadian wilderness where he lives off grid, connecting with nature through his love of hiking, paddle boarding, swimming and canoeing. 

He is also an avid hat collector, with 26 and counting.

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